BANF Driving Solutions for fleet operator


(Fleet tire management system)

  • Basic service for fleet operators.

  • Management for tire information and  monitoring.

  • Provides a specialized safety solution for unstable road surface Conditions due to night driving or rain.


(Fleet all management system)

  • Included FTMS service.

  • Management for cargo loading weight and vehicle maintenance .

  • Provides a specialized safety solution for vehicle inspection to the vehicle's handling, acceleration and braking behavior.

  • Suspension, alignment, and brake abnormalities are diagnosed first to prevent and manage accidents caused by abnormalities in major parts of the vehicle as well as tires.


(Autonomous fleet management system)

  • Included all the service.

  • The most important thing in autonomous driving that operates unattended for 24 hours is to minimize obstacles in autonomous driving such as night driving and driving in rain by replacing tire stress management and road surface recognition through driver experience during long-distance and long-distance driving.

  • BANF Solutions can maximize the safety and efficiency of autonomous driving through a new system that senses tires and road surfaces in a situation that provides limited functions for autonomous driving, such as lidar, radar vision sensors.

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