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The advance in technology has been confined to the area where the power line exists since the Industrial Revolution. By using wireless power technology created by BANF, we would like to build innovative safety solutions that no one has experienced yet where the power line does not exist. The BANF’s solution innovation is named the Magnetic Resonance-Wireless Power Transmission Design Platform (MR-WPT Design Platform). It is an innovative power solution having the capability of transmitting power constantly to tires rotating with high angular velocity based on a distance adaptive wireless power solution. The wireless power technology of BANF is beyond the power technology. It is just more than supplying wireless power and displaying data measured from your tires. Once your tires hit the road, the solution of BANF infers all the safety information that you must know on the road. 

Through BANF’s solution, we can give you all the safety information that you need wherever the tires can reach on the Earth.

Distance - adaptive wireless power

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