New sensing, new future

The beginning of a new future by digital innovation.

BANF provides solutions for safe driving by analyzing the tire contact measurements. These can guarantee the vehicle's safe operation not only day and night but also on offload or not.

As you know, the tire is the only contact point between the vehicle and the road. It has to support the weight of a truck that is over 50 times the tire’s weight. Especially, if the vehicle’s running acceleration is added, the weight of the tire that must withstand is beyond imagining. However, the tire has no way to tell its conditions including pressure, temperature, and acceleration constantly. Because there is no power source in the tire to operate the sensor seamlessly.

BANF has completed the intelligent tire sensor that is called iTire Sensor System for safe driving based on unique distance-adapted wireless power technology. Through this technology, BANF can provide information on the tires and road conditions seamlessly that you need while your truck is running.

We are starting a new future in the truck tire industry with iTire Sensor System. We are going to lead a new future with a new paradigm for safety of autonomous driving running 24 hours.

Begin a new future + er = BANFer

The new future that BANFer begin is ‘Tire digital innovation’.



One team

Tire profiler = Tire data explorer

  • Discovering new data.

  • Analyzing data with clear reasoning.

  • Creating of a future industry. 

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